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Customer Services

At Honkei Technology. we are committed to giving our customers the finest products and providing the most comprehensive and responsive support we can. In order to give you the technical support you need - both now and in the future - our customer support team includes technical specialists so someone with the appropriate expertise will be available to assist you. Combining the use of the finest quality materials and the most up-to-date technology.

Our Company has succeeded in distributing products that are not only innovative, but more importantly, dependable. We will provide you with quality systems and will stand by them after the sale as well.



Technical Support

• On-site Installation
• On-site Repair
• Depot Repair Service
• Per Incident Service
• Contractual Maintenance
• Calibration Service
• Preventative Maintenance
• Pick-Up & Delivery Service
• Parts Support
• In-house Inventory Parts    Support
• Multi-Vendor Support
• Application Support


With extensive experience and expertise in the field, our engineers are ready to provide you with a total solution that fits to our customer's particular need. Apart from regular services, we also give you the professional consultations to problems that may arise in the applications of acquired equipment and instruments.



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